Berry Bliss Chocolates Chocolate Covered Strawberries in the Cleveland Ohio area

Welcome to  Berry Bliss Chocolates and cakes, where the art of chocolate-covered strawberries and cakes  meets the heart of Cleveland, Ohio.  Each of my cakes is made with love and is so special to me because I want to make sure it looks and tases special enough for your special occasion.  Each  Strawberry is hand-selected for its freshness and size, then delicately dipped in the finest chocolate, creating the perfect balance of sweet, succulent fruit and rich, luxurious chocolate. These strawberries and cakes are the perfect treat for any occasion, from special celebrations to everyday indulgences. My sweet story does not stop at cakes and Strawberries.  There is also other sweet bites like cake pops and tiramisu cups that you can add to your desserts for your special day.

Box of chocolate-covered strawberries in Cleveland, Ohio area

The Art of the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry and more sweet bites in the Heart of Cleveland

Contact me today so I can Customize your cake!  Can make any cake you have in mind.  

It would be my pleasure to be party of your special occasion.   Whether its  wedding, graduation, birthday, or anniversary, your will be in good hands.

Cakes (smash cakes) starts at $60

Chocolate Covered Strawberries $19/dozen

Cupcakes $19/12 counts

Chocolate covered Strawberries bouquet arrangements $40

Tiramisu cups  $5/cup

Baklava 4 pieces $10

cake pops $2 each

Macarons $2 each

Contact Rola 908-205-9478
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